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up to date best practice content developed specifically for aged care

Altura Learning is a leading provider of specialised aged care training in Australia. Our content is researched and developed by a team of in-house learning and development experts and online learning designers and a community of industry leading subject matter experts who specialise in aged care.

All courses are aligned to the Australian Aged Care Standards and provide a pathway to higher learning.

Each course is regularly reviewed in line with the latest legislation and there is a rigorous process for updating and replacing courses as soon as new information and legislation is available.

Our unique and innovative approach uses video based content that reflects real situations which staff encounter daily, ensuring learning is relatable, authentic and relevant.

Altura First Aid
A wide range of topics from the mandatories and beyond


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Trusted expertise for over 20 years

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    Engaging content

    Our approach improves learner engagement and comprehension and is accessible to all styles of learners.

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    Quality production

    Our videos are filmed in realistic settings, that are relatable to employees in the health, care and support sectors.

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    Focused learning

    All our training carries Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

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    Vast library

    A comprehensive course library with 150+ courses available, co-designed with industry experts.

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    Remote learning

    Our courses can be accessed online anywhere, anytime, via any internet connected device.

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    Relevant content

    New courses are released regularly in response to current needs of the sector.

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    Quality commitment

    Courses are constantly monitored and updated to ensure they reflect best practice standards and are compliant with industry regulations.

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    Bespoke courses

    We have our own in-house studios and an experienced production team who work closely with our Learning and Development team to create courses that Engage, Inform and Inspire.