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Simply tell us how many learners you have, which courses you would like them to access and how, then we’ll tailor a membership package to perfectly fit your needs.

We provide learning that improves practical care and increases knowledge which translates into best practice behaviour of your staff. We also provide full vocational qualifications or skills sets that can be customised to your organisation’s policies and procedures via our RTO Altura Learning Academy.

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Did you know? We can get your organisation implemented and your learners starting their learning journey in as little as 3 hours!

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Step 1: Your Environment

Which libraries are you interested in?

Select courses from one or more of our content libraries to suit your needs from meeting compliance to inspiring your employees and providing better care outcomes.


Step 2: Your Staff

Select the LMS delivery method

Discover the award-winning LMS Bridge or access our courses on your existing LMS.

Decide how many learners you would like to have access to our courses.

Step 3: Your solution

Select a bundle

Starting with a minimum of 10 courses, select a bundle that suits your needs or speak with us to tailor one specifically for you.

Access our award-winning content

We're here to help your business and team climb the ladder of success, simply choose a tier that works for you...

Pick any bundle and add a few more courses to tailor a bundle that suits your organisation's needs. Mix and match i.e. 10 learners on a Basic Home Care Bundle + 100 learners on a Residential Inspire Bundle.


Access all our courses in the library type you select and become an employer and provider of choice.

“Altura has been a great investment for us an organisation to provide learning and development options for staff at a time that is most suitable to our staff.” 

Laura Wolstenholme, Persona Care and Support Limited  


Provide a career pathway for your employees

"We’ve now added about 60 training modules like Stoma Care and Epilepsy. These aren’t mandatory as a company, but a particular service might want to make it compulsory for their team. It’s given us so much more choice and flexibility and staff have been able to expand their knowledge.”

Jess Henry, Somerset Care


Invest in upskilling your employees beyond the basics

 “Altura Learning makes delivering training easier. I can assign training to staff when required and use their resources to support in-house training. Staff can also complete any further training they feel they require to support them in their roles.”

Fezan Islam, Fidelity Healthcare


Select 10 courses that will assist you to meet the basic requirements for compliance

"We rely on Altura Learning modules for all our orientation training as well as our mandatory annual training. This combined with face to face sessions, provide us with the confidence that staff have the right resources at hand, as and when needed.”

Liz Jones, Altaira Nursing Services

Industry leading expertise at your fingertips

We want your organisation to feel as supported as possible - that's why all our packages come with expert implementation

Experts from our Customer Success Team will work with you to set up your system, design it to fit your specific needs, share great ideas from other providers in our Learning Community, and show you how it all works

...And the price tag? Our solutions are truly bespoke.

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