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In our complex and highly regulated aged care environment, we find that Altura enables us to provide high quality evidence based training and important information to our geographically spread workforce in a flexible online format.

We highly value the wide range of courses already designed and ready to go but also the flexibility to easily upload courses we’ve developed ourselves. Altura supports our governance process by enabling us to accurately report on training compliance. The Altura team are always flexible, friendly and ready to help.

Chief Operating Officer

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Altura is used within our organisation to record and distribute all training. It is also used to distribute Policies and procedures, Toolbox talks and any other information to our 650+ team members. Altura is an LMS that has all functions to record live training, eLearning, a place to attach and store competencies and certificates with the ability to track expiry dates and prompt users to renew all from one system. The Altura courses are in-depth, always being updated and meets the need of a range of learners with its video content.

I would definitely recommend Altura as it is user friendly for both team members and administrators, and the support from Altura is always available. With the ability to keep accurate records is an asset for our organisation to meet accreditation.

Alicia Peatfield
Learning & Development Administrator Sundale

The real-life scenarios in the films make them engaging and stimulating and having had the opportunity to work alongside Altura Learning to produce two films makes our team feel valued for their contribution to the wider sector.

Jo Rose
Head of People Development WCS

We’ve really embraced the Bridge LMS and made it our own. We’re looking forward to executing the roadshows and sharing our new knowledge of Bridge and the training we’ve received from Altura Learning. We now have a wealth of best practice learning material at our fingertips. Initial feedback from our employees who have started using the platform has been very positive. One lady, who had been seriously considering giving up work because she couldn’t cope with technology, has now completed 100% of her training and has thoroughly enjoyed it; she’s telling everyone about it!

Jess Henry
Head of OD and Learning and Development Somerset Care

As a first time presenter I felt fully supported through the whole process by an amazing team. Communication was excellent and all arrangements were taken care of. Overall a great experience.

Mark Elliot
Training Consultant

Working with Altura learning has delivered high-quality productions that have enabled our key messages to be delivered to the aged care workforce for them to understand the value of aged advocacy after all 6,000 aged care workers can’t be wrong!

Craig Gear

Working with Altura Learning to produce valuable content for their aged care providers was a true pleasure. Their team are extremely organized, professional and the end result – the video – was of exceptional quality. I’d recommend them to aged care providers and their teams because they ensure that their content is valuable, useful and congruent with what is needed in the current social context. They also ensure that the digital end product is a great educational resource which can form a valuable part of a companies library of educational resources.

Delia Mccabe
Subject Matter Expert Lighter Brighter You

We rely on Altura modules for all our Orientation training as well as our mandatory annual training. This combined with face to face sessions, provide us with the confidence that staff have the right resources at hand, as and when needed.


At Baptistcare we’ve been utilising Altura Learning as the core training and development content for our team members in Home and Residential Care for several years. A few years ago we rolled out their LMS, Bridge, and we’ve had great feedback from our team members and leaders about how easy it is to engage with. Its also provided a simple platform to support the development and roll out of some packages that are unique to us at Baptistcare.

Amanda Rogers
Baptistcare WA

The staff involved in the pilot have been inspired, enthusiastic and engaged with each module. Learning was enjoyable and relaxed and allowed the learners to openly discuss the topic and voice their thoughts and opinions.

Homecare Manager

Altura is the Learning Management System across our entire organisation of over 650 team members. We use it to allocate mandatory training to team members, allocate and record competencies, send out toolboxes and to notify and book live training sessions. Altura Learning has the capacity to be a complete Learning Management System with content and provides the ability to add your own content and keep training records.

I would recommend Altura as the content is video-based which is suitable for a wider range of learners. The content is also of great quality and covers most of the relevant topics for the aged care industry. The ability to customise the system, by adding your own content is a bonus. You can distribute training to large numbers of team members and keep track of completion.

Sue Drummond
Nurse educator Sundale

We’ve now added about 60 training modules like stoma care, epilepsy, and looking after someone who has had a stroke. These aren’t mandatory as a company, but a particular service might want to make it compulsory for their team. It’s given us so much more choice and flexibility and staff have been able to expand their knowledge. It was about changing the culture to embed learning and development at the heart of what we do

Jess Henry
Head of OD and Learning and Development Somerset Care

Altura Learning makes delivering training easier. I can assign training to staff when required and use their resources to support in-house training. Staff can also complete any further training they feel they require to support them in their roles. I can also monitor how staff are doing with training and if some staff are finding it difficult then assign them the extension activities. Altura Learning is a great additional tool for our training department.

Kayleigh Sheehan
Training Coordinator Manor Community

I have had the great pleasure of working with this professional team on several projects over a number of years. The end product has always been of the highest quality and a great contribution to the education of health care staff.

Linda Starr
Education Consultant

I have completed a lot of training over the years, however this training by Altura Learning has been by far the most engaging, relevant, and varied training I have done. It was very visual in learning, easy to navigate and perfectly put together, in particular the storylines with the actors. I would highly recommend any courses by Altura learning.

Carolyn Hayles
Participant in the Aged Care Volunteer Training Program

The Altura team are extremely professional and their attention to detail during the development and filming of the fire safety training modules has been expansive.

Brett Stevens
Director of Operations Emcorp Group

The new LMS looks fresh and offers intuitive usability. It has lots of great new reporting and administration functions that we had been seeking from the old ACC online system.

Kyra Moss
Chief People and Culture Officer Home Nursing Group

Many thanks to the Australian Institute of Training and Development for connecting me with Altura Learning.

Chemène Sinson
Principal Blackwater Projects

Altura has been a great investment for us an organisation to provide learning and development options for staff at a time that is most suitable to our staff.

Laura Wolstenholme
Persona Care and Support Limited

Altaira commenced a partnership with Altura Learning in March 2019. Since then we have been impressed with the content, ease of use and outstanding support. In addition to their own content, Altura allows us to design and upload our own courses which we can tailor to our own and our clients’ needs. We especially like the flexibility that Altura offers as we have been able to use it not only for training but for our induction processes as well. We recommend Altura to any-one looking for an online training service with added value.

Liz Jones
Altaira Nursing Services

Our partnership has allowed Altura Learning to build and deliver a unique offering in the health & social care market. Their extensive video course library built natively into the Bridge platform delivers training to over 50,000 learners and continues to grow.

Melissa Loble
VP & Professional Service Instructure

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