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Supporting Learning Resources with Bridge

August 26, 2019 |

In the previous blog we discussed Altura Learning’s resources, and how they support different methods of content delivery including self-learning and face-to-face training. How can Bridge complement these resources? The following section will show you how.


The core platform for Bridge is self-learning. Bridge’s course platform allows participants to complete learning at any time of day or night using a PC, mobile or tablet. To complete a course, a student must first watch a video and then pass an essential assessment. After that they can download a course certificate. In addition to the core topic, learners are able to take on optional extension assessment for extra credit. During the extension, learners are asked to reflect on their practice. Bridge extension questions are open-ended and require thought and reflection. Answers to these questions are then reviewed by managers/educators. Both the essential and the extension assessment work together–helping to ensure the knowledge gained will make an immediate impact.

Bridge Retain

To improve knowledge retention, learners have an available feature called Bridge Retain. Retain helps users reinforce and easily recall information from their courses. Retain can be only enabled for courses that you create within Bridge. Users will receive notifications for six quiz exercises that consist of up to five quiz questions from the original course, along a set time schedule after course completion. For more information on Bridge Retain, please click on the following link:

Face-to-face learning

Bridge includes a feature called live training. Live training allows you to organise training in Bridge so that it can be delivered online via teleconference or in the classroom. Attendance can be recorded, and once a learner has been registered for training, they are notified via email. Educators can load the training content so the course is a repository for training. As a complement to the self learning content, face-to-face brings learners together socially and brings to life the dynamic of team learning. By sharing the knowledge gained during training, some learners are better able to incorporate the desired outcomes into their work.


Checkpoints are learning content items that include a title and a set of instructions for users to follow. Learners see assigned checkpoints on their My Learning page. When users finish a checkpoint, they can mark the checkpoint as complete. You can add a checkpoint to assign action items to users in your account, such as an evidence assessment. Checkpoints support audio, video & file attachments. Checkpoints tend to be outcome driven, and they work well with skills that can be observed or measured by a manager or educator. Checkpoints work well and they complement self learning.


Programs are a collection of learning content. Bridge courses, live training and checkpoints can all be combined into one or more programs. Learners who are enrolled in a program experience a blend of learning. This supports the different ways that learners absorb content, and helps to achieve the desired outcomes.


As you can see, Bridge learning delivery tools are the perfect complement to Altura’s content. In order to bring to these additional capabilities to life, it is important to have a well formulated and balanced learning plan. The plan must incorporate the necessary budget and resources that are needed in order to monitor progress and deliver face-to-face training.

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