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Sexual harassment in the workplace

April 28, 2023 |

Everyone has the right to a workplace that is safe and free from sexual harassment. Commencing from 6th March 2023 and as part of the Australian Government’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay legislation, the Fair Work Act has been amended to ban sexual harassment in connection with work. These new, expanded protections apply to workers, future workers and people conducting a business or undertaking.  

Altura Learning’s course, Workplace Conduct: Bullying & Harassment, examines the characteristics of workplace bullying and harassment. The course describes how to respond appropriately to these behaviours as well as the responsibilities of employers and employees and is an excellent resource for your learners. Specifically related to sexual harassment  is a dramatisation, and the subsequent management of a sexual harassment incident.

Coming soon, Altura Learning will be providing additional training content on the key changes to the Fair Work Act relating to sexual harassment in the workplace, including the new, expanded protections that apply to all workers in your organisation.

To find out more, please contact our Customer Service team.

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