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Recognising Dementia, Depression and Delirium

April 27, 2023 |

Dementia … Depression … and Delirium. These are the three most prevalent mental health disorders in older people –

and they share a number of common features which can make it difficult to differentiate.

That’s why a thorough understanding of each condition is vital to ensuring appropriate care is provided to the older person.

Soon to be released, Altura Learning’s course, Recognising Dementia, Depression and Delirium, joins our Care & Clinical collection as part of the  Mental Health series.  Designed for Advancing learners, this course will be an essential resource for all registered nurses, enrolled nurses, care managers and managers who work in care settings.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define dementia, depression and delirium
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of dementia, depression and delirium and how to recognise the difference
  • Describe the immediate actions you should take when responding to acute changes in behaviour

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive set of learning resources, including an easy to follow infographic, quick reference guide and Coordinator Resources containing a training game and case study scenarios. Recognising Dementia, Depression and Delirium is available from 3rd May 2023!

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