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The Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice is designed for providers to continually set the bar higher each day so they can aspire to provide better services to older Australians than they did the day before. It is a Code that places ageing Australians, their families, carers, and advocates at its heart.
CEO of the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council, Louise O’Neill joins Nicola Burton to discuss the importance of the Code and how providers can get involved.

“It’s not regulation… It’s aspirational.”


The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council offers tools to help providers focus on continuous improvement, focused on the best possible outcomes for consumers.
Altura Learning supports the Code. We join with ACWIC to encourage providers to pledge their commitment to the Code and for consumers, workers, and their organisations to state their support.
Let’s all work together to create a better, more sustainable aged care system.

Sign up to the code on the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council website:

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