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Authoring Courses With Bridge

October 8, 2020 |

Technology can enable us to deliver on many of the benefits of education. Best of breed learning management systems such as Bridge can ensure that specific content is targeted to the right audiences. Bridge helps authors to create content rapidly and make it more specific and interactive. The end result–an enhanced capability for your learning and development team to address the needs of learners, and ultimately deliver better learning outcomes. The following article explains how the course creation tools in the Bridge system can help you deliver customised learning to your team.

Creating Microlearning

The Bridge learning management system allows authors to quickly create courses. Courses are by nature self-paced learning in this article, but there are tools to construct live sessions for face to face training. Unlike face to face training, the biggest benefit of self-paced training is that it can be paused and resumed at any time. 

Course Design User Interface

The author working in Bridge has a very simple interface. On the left-hand side, a menu allows new slides to be added. Each slide may contain content (videos, text or graphics), or a combination. In order to complete the course, the learner must advance through each slide until they have reached the end.

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