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TEAMWORK: Communication, Resolving Conflict and Time Management

August 2, 2019 |

Lets face it, everyone who works in social care is part of a team. Even if you work on your shift alone, you form part of a broader team that supports people or provides services.

Working in a team isn’t always easy, even though we’re all working towards the same outcomes. There can be a lot of demands on your time, you don’t always get on with everyone you work with and it can be really hard for everyone to communicate seamlessly, so everyone has the same understanding.

That’s why our newest additions to our course library is perfect for everyone working in social care.

We are releasing three Teamwork titles; Communication, Resolving Conflict and Time Management and you will find these on Bridge or the Content Portal as three separate new courses.

Everyone likes a laugh, so we’ve used puppets as device to highlight the importance of communication, conflict resolution and time management. We’re joined by our Subject Matter Expert, Vivienne Black, who is a Transformational Leadership Coach, who provides practical strategies to optimise workplace communication, resolve conflict and manage time with all the demands you deal with on a daily basis.

Each of our aged care courses online are supported with our suite of learning resources including separate evidence assessments which will be perfect for new staff as they are learning time management skills, which can be a difficult area to teach and assess.

Don’t forget to look for our infographics for these courses which can be used as posters, screen savers, toolbox talks or to support microlearning.

These courses are replacing Teamwork: Helping Each Other which should now remove from your library.


  • Have you ever worked a shift when you feel that you can’t get anything completed? Refer to our course Teamwork: Time Management for tips to help you plan and manage your shift.
  • The principles of time management are effective planning, goal setting, prioritising, setting deadlines and delegation. Find out how to implement these principles in our new course Teamwork: Time Management.
  • Effective communication is essential to ensuring you work smoothly with your team, but it’s not always that easy to achieve. Discover the barriers to effective communication in our new course Teamwork: Communication.
  • The Seven C’s provide a practical guide to effective communication. Find out more about the barriers and practical strategies to ensure that you communicate effectively with your teammates in our new course Teamwork: Time Management.
  • Many of us shy away from conflict, especially in the workplace. Find out how conflict occurs and how to resolve it in our new course Teamwork: Resolving Conflict.
  • Did you know conflict is a normal part of interacting and working alongside other people? Watch our new course Teamwork: Resolving Conflict for tips on how to approach workplace conflict to ensure you have positive working relationships with your team mates.

Time Management

Teamwork: Time Management AOC17028-B-R-GN (residential only, all countries)

Course aim: This course outlines the principles of time management and the practical strategies to plan your work day.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the principles of time management.
  2. Identify practical strategies for effectively managing your time when working.


Teamwork: Communication AOC17038-B-HR-GN (home care and residential, all countries)

Course aim: This course describes how to communicate effectively with your team to promote efficient working.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define effective communication and why it is so important.
  2. Identify practical strategies for implementing and ensuring effective communication with your team.

Resolving Conflict

Teamwork: Resolving Conflict AOC17039-HR-GN (home care and residential, all countries)

Course aim: This course describes how to recognise conflict, how to deal with it on a 1:1 basis and when to escalate the issue.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define conflict and examine why it occurs.
  2. Recognise how to deal with conflict on a 1:1 basis.
  3. Identify when to escalate conflict issues.

Go to our Digital Course Library to find out more & watch the trailer:

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