Law and End of Life Care

Altura Learning is proud to have worked with ELDAC (End of Life Directions for Aged Care) to produce a video that helps demystify the legal aspects of end of life care.

The law at end of life is complex and can be challenging, as laws differ between Australian states and territories.

  • What are your legal responsibilities when deciding whether to follow a person’s Advance Care Directive?
  • How do you determine the decision-maker for a person without capacity?
  • What are the legal implications when giving pain and symptom relief to a person approaching the end of life
In this video, end of life law experts Professors Lindy Willmott and Ben White from ELDAC and the Australian Centre for Health Law Research, Queensland University of Technology explore common end of life legal issues in aged care, and discuss how knowing the law can help you deliver high quality palliative and aged care.
To watch the full video, please click here