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Creating a Positive Learning Culture

July 25, 2022 |

Creating a positive learning culture in the workplace is essential for any organisation aiming to provide high-quality care and support.

Why is a positive learning culture so important?

A positive learning culture promotes continuous improvement and supports professional development, leading to better outcomes for the organisation and those receiving care.

These outcomes can include improved:

  • Resident/client safety
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Staff morale
  • Staff performance
  • Staff retention

How can my organisation create a positive learning culture?

Here are 5 quick tips for creating a positive learning culture:

  1. Ensure learning is embedded into the organisation’s core values. These are the key principles that guide the way you work. If learning is a part of the organisation’s core values, it will be seen as a priority within the organisation.
  2. Lead by example. A positive learning culture starts at the top. Staff will view learning as a worthwhile activity if this is demonstrated by the leadership team.
  3. Develop a mentoring/buddy system. Provide opportunities for staff to receive 1:1 coaching and support. This promotes accountability and facilitates openness and transparency with learning.
  4. Incentivise. Offer rewards and incentives for staff who are prioritising learning – it shows that the organisation values the time staff are taking for professional development.
  5. Share learnings. Provide opportunities for staff to share what they are learning on-the-job, or via an external learning activity.

For further information on how to develop a positive learning culture within your organisation, check out Altura Learning’s course “Outstanding Learning: Engaging Hearts”. This course describes how Altura Learning’s members are utilising our courses to engage their staff, in order to support a culture of learning, education and development.

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