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Introducing the Bridge Learning Platform: a game changer in the learning industry

Today, social care employees are looking to managers to help them develop their skills. That’s one of the reasons we recommend Bridge by Instructure : to help care providers develop, promote and retain compliant carers through premium continuous learning & development. 

Increase your employees engagement

All the courses are responsive and look great on any device. Wherever they are, your staff can watch our videos and engage with interactive content, and quiz questions specifically designed to increase retention and inspire your learners to provide better care.

Increase retention

Staff can forget 75% of what they’ve learn within 24 hours but Altura’s Learning approach is unique and facilitates solid learning. Our courses in Bridge are carefully designed with a series of random questions and followed up with automated assessments to ensure the learning outcomes are continuously understood. Those post completion tests have proven to increase staff engagement and learning retention.


Easy to use


Easy to customise

Easy to monitor

Easy to deploy

24/7 support

Winner of 5 awards

Great User Experience, Expert’s Choice, Supreme Software etc…

90,125 learners already using Bridge Learning Platform


We survey our customers twice yearly and our latest score places us well ahead of industry average.


Bridge features

Bridge features are designed to empower simple, intuitive learning that’s delivered to active employees, anywhere, anytime on any device. The Bridge Learning Platform provides you with real data and real insights about your employee’s learning, which can lead to real progress.

Some of Bridge’s features include:

Bridge's Features - Robust Reporting - Bridge LMS
Robust Reporting

Easy to read and digest. Actionable reporting. Helps be more responsive, more quickly. Measures the right things.

Bridge's Features Retain - Bridge LMS

It’s time to jumpstart your training efforts with Bridge Retain. On average, learners forget 70 percent of what is taught within 24 hours. Bridge Retain empowers administrators to increase retention of their training long term.

Bridge's Features - Content Services - Bridge LMS - Bridge LMS
Altura Content

Altura content is here to meet all your needs with is pre built courses in Bridge. Saving you 100’s of hours authoring course content and allowing you to get on with administering learning.

Bridge's Features - Learn from your Learning - Bridge LMS
Learn from your Learning

Bridge provides you real-time data so you can answer critical questions before you formulate a plan or take action. Plus, it’s always good to have actionable data, so you can improve your processes.

Bridge's Features - Manager Dashboard - Bridge LMS
Manager Dashboard

All your insights as a manager will live on one page, in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Bridge's Features - Admin Features - Bridge LMS
Admin Features

Bridge was built with the HR professional in mind. With features designed specifically to make your job easier while still giving you the administrative control and robust capabilities your organisation needs, Bridge is sure to make a noticeable impact.

Bridge's Features - Anytime, Anywhere Learning - Bridge Learning Management System
Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Bridge is designed to facilitate employee learning, no matter where they are, on any device.

Bridge's Features - Easy to Use, Easy to Love - Bridge Learning Management System
Easy to Use, Easy to Love

Bridge is easy-to-use. It’s simple, clean, and modern – plus it’s intuitive for admins, authors, and learners to use.

Inspiring Learners.
Improving Lives.

See how Altura Learning can help you!