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Rainbow of Difference

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Creating a safe environment for LGBTI people



Altura Learning (formerly ACC) have partnered with Uniting and the University of Technology Sydney to create this course which is funded by the Australian Government.

For LGBTI people, the prospect of entering aged care can be quite frightening. Experiences they have lived through can make them feel cautious about sharing personal details that could help provide person centred care.
This video series features people sharing real stories about their lives and concerns about aged care. The series also explores the complexity of the needs of LGBTI people in the context of dementia, as well as the importance of respecting a person’s wishes during their end stage of life.



This course is appropriate for all staff who support people in an aged care setting. The purpose of this series is to empower aged care workers to provide supportive and inclusive care to people from the LGBTI community, including people living with dementia and receiving palliative care, who also identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI).



After viewing this course, participants should be able to:
Explain how to provide inclusive care to members of the LGBTI community
Describe how to support a person from the LGBTI community who is living with dementia
Explain how to support and uphold the wishes of a person from the LGBTI community who is receiving palliative care
The full digital education program includes an interactive series of educational courses, videos and a mobile app, called Mosaic. Find out more here.



Episode 1 : LGBTI
Episode 2 : Dementia and LGBTI People
Episode 3 : End Of Life Care for LGBTI People



The Rainbow of Difference project is a partnership between Altura Learning, Uniting and the University of Technology Sydney and is funded by the Australian Government. Altura Learning is proud to have produced this video and supports the initiative by distributing to our members as a complementary course.

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