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 “Rainbow of Difference” series

EPISODE 1: Rainbow of Difference


This episode draws from real life experiences of a handful of LGBTI people. They explain what it was like growing up and finding their place in society. They provide insight into the prejudices they have encountered, as well as the concerns they have moving into aged care. This video defines LGBTI and offers an overview of how to approach supporting LGBTI people.

Episode 2: Rainbow of Difference

Dementia and LGBTI People

Dementia has many challenges but even more so when in the context of LGBTI. People may not remember they have a partner or that they have ‘come out’ or ‘transitioned’. This can lead to a constant state of turmoil for the older person and their family. This video presents scenarios through interviews with experts and carers that highlight the needs of LGBTI people living with dementia.

Episode 3: Rainbow of Difference

End Of Life Care for LGBTI People

End-of-life care is about having a good death. Staff can help people in the end stage of life by helping them to remember who they are and who their partner is. It is critical that care staff help facilitate the wishes of the person in care. This video discusses the needs of LGBTI people at their end stage of life, including the importance of communicating with family.


The Rainbow of Difference project is a partnership between Altura Learning, Uniting and the University of Technology Sydney and is funded by the Australian Government. Altura Learning is proud to have produced this video and supports the initiative by distributing to our members as a complementary course.