Altura Learning is working with The Maggie Beer Foundation and William Angliss Institute to create a series of online learning modules for cooks and chefs, working in aged care.

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The Maggie Beer Foundation has been running face-to-face training courses since its inception in 2014. When the learning is taken back into aged care homes, we have seen dramatic changes in the engagement of staff and the wellbeing of the residents. The creation of an online program will enable all chefs and cooks to gain access to the training.”

The producers from Altura took part in the recent Maggie Beer Masterclasses, as part of research for the upcoming series. We had the pleasure of meeting Maggie and the range of subject matter experts, who will appear in the series.

We are now in pre-production and we will be taking pre-orders soon.

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We are currently working on these 11 modules, including:

  • Finger Food and Sandwiches
  • Panfrying & other Cooking Applications
  • Adapting Cook Chill
  • Food Presentation
  • Keep it Simple, Keep it Fresh – Gardens
  • Higher Protein
  • Texture Modified Food
  • Food Culture of First Australians
  • Cultural Food Experiences
  • The Dining Experience
  • Sensory Thresholds for Taste and Aromas 

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Chefs and cooks are at the frontline in aged care and there is so much we can do to help them provide enjoyable, appetising and nutritious food to older people.

Maggie Beer

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