COVID – 19


After viewing the practical demonstrations you can reinforce your learning by downloading and completing this Evidence Assessment.


We recognise that information is constantly evolving. Please review information at the World Health Organization for the most current advice.

This video features an interview with Margaret Jennings who is a Microbiologist and discusses COVID-19 and its symptoms and what strategies can be utilised in the workplace to reduce the risks to your staff and those in your care. Some of the strategies directly refer to caring for older people however they are still relevant to all staff in the health, care and support sectors. 

Chapter 2: Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is an essential part of containing the spread of COVID-19. In this short video we demonstrate how to perform hand hygiene using an alcohol hand rub and general hand washing hands using soap and water as per the World Health Organisation’s recommendations.

Chapter 3: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The appropriate use of PPE prevents the transmission of COVID-19 and keeps health workers safe, but it’s essential it’s applied and removed correctly. This video contains a demonstration of donning and removing of the appropriate PPE when caring for a person who has COVID-19.

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