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Duty of Care and Negligence

Course Description

This course explores, with regard to nursing practice, how good clinical habits and quality documentation are essential. The implications of bad practice, the failure to maintain standards and safe practice, are also highlighted, showing how it can affect, not only the health practitioner, but also the resident.

Note: This course will be replaced by Duty of Care: Your Responsibilities in 2021.

Learning Outcomes

After viewing this program participants should have an understanding of:

* How the Australian Legal system developed
* The two major sources of law: Judge Made Law or Common Law Parliamentary or Statue Law
* The differences between criminal and civil law
* Tort of Negligence, including duty of care, standards of care, causation and harm
* Legal principle of Reasonableness and Implications for professional nursing practice
* Professional Boundaries in aged care settings
* The Doctrine of Vicarious Liability
* Judicial interpretation of documentation

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