Preparing for an Inspection

Video course to achieve outstanding services and ratings from the CQC!

The focus of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections is the experiences people have when they receive care and the impact the care has on their health and wellbeing. The CQC makes their judgements against the regulations, and the judgements they make are informed by these experiences. This is why inspectors spend a lot of their time observing care and talking to people who receive care, their family and carers. They will check their findings in a number of ways, perhaps by looking at records, or speaking to your staff, to reach their judgements.

At Altura Learning, many of our UK members are achieving outstanding services and ratings from the CQC! To help you achieve the same, we would like to share with you our programme “Preparing for a CQC inspection”– free of charge for the next two weeks!


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You will be able to :

  • Define the common types of inspection in the care home setting
  • Identify effective strategies to prepare all members of the team for an inspection
  • Recognise the role of each team member in participating in an effective inspection
  • Identify your role in ensuring the inspection visit leads to quality improvement

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Did you know?

Our training courses are aligned with CQC regulations and key lines of enquiry (KLOE)