Care Industry Support Package

Including 10 key courses and tools to convert your face-to-face training to online

What is the Care Industry support package?

In response to COVID-19, Altura Learning has put together a training support package. The Care Industry Support Package aims to provide the care community with the training resources needed for rapid induction of new staff, volunteers and redeployed staff.

As a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence, we have always worked to create the highest quality courses with a focus on aiding retention. The support package includes a bundle of courses (Residential and Home Care) chosen by our Learning and Development Team, supported by guidance provided by Skills for Care and the Care Quality Commission.

Included in the Care Industry Support Package

  • Six months access to a leading Learning Management System: Bridge
  • Unlimited, ongoing access to ten courses selected by our Learning and Development team, to aid in a smooth onboarding process with extra considerations for the Pandemic and Infection Control
  • Quick and effective remote implementation, enabling you to onboard new teams in record time
  • Convert your existing face-to-face training into online training quickly and easily using the Bridge course authoring tool
  • Remote access to all training, allowing staff to train at any time, from any location with an internet connection
  • 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and phone – ensuring your staff can access their training without delay
  • Robust reporting, CPD accredited courses and much more

All of this is available in a cost effective, off the shelf package with no long term commitment.

To find out more about the Care Industry Support Package or to become a Member today, simply click the button and a member of our team will be able to assist you.

Only £11 per learner

Course bundles

The Care Industry Support Package include a course bundle for either Residential or Home Care depending on your requirement. Both packages have been selected carefully by our Learning and Development team to best reflect the needs of the industry dealing with onboarding and infection control as a priority. We have also included for free our COVID-19 course. 

Residential UK courses

Home Care UK courses

Why Choose Altura?

The Social Care Industry has been trusting us and recognising our expertise for more than 20 years. Here are some of the reasons why you should too:

Memorable Content

Our learning approach is unique and facilitates assimilation.


Realistic Content

Our videos are filmed in real care homes and homecare settings, using real staff in real scenarios.

Best Practice GUarAnteed

Courses are constantly monitored and updated to ensure they reflect best practices standards.

EXpert led

All our courses are co-designed with industry experts – with both clinical and academical expertise.

Wealth of Knowledge

Our full course library consists over over 150 courses covering subjects for Residential, Home Care and Disability.

Untethered Access

Our content can be accessed anywhere, anytime, via any internet connected device.

Studio Tours

Our offices have in-house studios and production teams.


New Courses Monthly

New courses are released every month in response to the current needs of the industry.

Altura Learning is committed to helping you support your staff and volunteers. We believe strongly in our core values: making a meaningful difference to the lives of our learners and the people they support. That is why we constantly challenge ourselves and each other to explore new ideas and create better approaches. The Care Industry Support Package has arisen for a need to give back to care and the community, and support as many people though the Pandemic as we are able to. If you have any questions about the package, or how we can help you please click the button to enquire and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you.

What is Bridge?

Bridge is the Learning Management System that Altura Learning has exclusive rights to utilise in the care industry. This platform does more than just host our high quality video content, it also allows you to create your own courses, track compliance, upload previous recordings or presentations, and much more.

The Authoring Tool within Bridge is amazingly powerful, and doesn’t just apply to creating courses. We’ve had members use the authoring tool to create Care Plans, Recruitment Assessments, Policy Updates, Staff Appraisals and much more.

With the Authoring Tool you can create a course in less than 15 minutes, with practice it could be even quicker. Our favourite example of success with the Authoring Tool is Bradford Council that utilised the Authoring Tool to create a Delirium course during a CQC Inspection, and trained 100% of their staff before the inspection was complete. 

It’s not just the Authoring Tool that is powerful. The Bridge Reporting system enables you to see at a glance how much of their training your team has completed. You can even send messages by selecting a group within the report, for example to encourage those lagging behind, or to congratulate those who have completed their training.

There’s a lot more to discover within Bridge. For a limited time all of this is available in a cost effective, off the shelf package with no long term commitment.

To find out more about the Care Industry Support Package or to become a Member today, simply click the button and a member of our team will be able to assist you.