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3 Key Challenges Facing Aged Care in Australia

Despite being one of the more rewarding professions out there, admittedly, aged care comes with its fair share of challenges. Professionals in this industry are not immune to these changes, especially with a dearth of funding and resources available.

However, this means it has become more important than ever to look to the future and understand what the challenges are, and prepare accordingly.

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Positive Impact: Why Grandparents are key to Children’s Development

Grandparents fill an irreplaceable role in a child’s development: Pillars of wisdom and sources of support, they possess a unique understanding of a family’s history and traditions. They love their grandchildren with unconditional affection that matches that of a child’s own parents, and though some families are separated by distance or circumstance, being able to connect with a grandchild frequently fosters a relationship that can influence a child to define values, flourish in self-confidence and strengthen the bonds of family. Here is why Grandparents are key to Children’s Development.

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Getting physical: The short and long-term benefits of keeping active

Physical activity is critical to human health. Even the simplest movement is advantageous when compared to complete lethargy but, the more active an individual can be, the better their health. The Archives of Internal Medicine reports that even individuals age 85 and up who have led sedentary lifestyles their entire life can benefit from physical activity. Furthermore, they enjoy a better quality of life, they are healthier and they live longer when compared to peers of similar age that remain sedentary.  Here are some key short and long-term benefits of keeping active.

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Music to their ears: How music therapy is helping Dementia Care

Reports about how music therapy is helping in dementia care are accumulating. Taken together, the observations offer a compelling picture of how this simple step that can make the lives of millions of people living with dementia more successful and supporting the work of their caregivers.

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The Keys to Aged Care Risk Management

Looking after older people and providing care can be a challenge for age care organisations. Older people face many risks both at home and in aged care homes. However, when the aged enter the aged care home, the risks also become a business and institutional matter.

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How Children Can Help Improve the Quality of Aged Care at Home

Children and the elderly have a remarkable connection with one another that can be described as magical. The magic that really stems from this is the intergenerational bond and the way they let themselves live quite simply in the moment. They are caught up in a world of wonder and moving at their own beautiful pace.

Think about your own grandparents when you were growing up and the valuable things you learned from them. How children can help improve the quality of aged care at home includes many benefits and together they enjoy a youthful freedom. Lets explore the benefits of these two groups interacting together.

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