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Maintaining Professional Roles and Boundaries

Part of the Altura Learning’s Dynamic Series, Maintaining Professional Roles and Boundaries, takes us through a variety of case studies where staff have to make decisions if they are crossing a professional boundary and how they will manage the situation.

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A Guide to Safe Food Handling

As a food handler, it is essential that you are aware of the basic principles of safe food handling so that you can ensure that the food you prepare remains safe to eat. Recognise your role and responsibilities in safe food handling.

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Dignity and Personalised Care

Our new course Dignity and Personalised Care, explores the concept of dignity; being of value and worth, and how care staff can support each person’s own vision of dignity.

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Fire Safety: A Practical Approach

Our new course Fire Safety: A Practical Approach is the newest addition to Altura Learning’s Dynamic Suite. This course, which was shot in an aged care facility, takes viewers through an actual fire scenario at the home. Staff in the video reflect on their training to help them to decide what action to take at each point.

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Leadership: Engaging your Team

Altura Learning is proud to present the upcoming course Leadership: Engaging your Team. Engaged staff have been shown to be more productive, committed to the organisation and more effective at achieving workplace goals.

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