The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights (also known as the Code) are designed to protect the interests of vulnerable people, including older people and those with a disability. The Code is a regulation under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act.

Altura Learning have created a course that explains the Code and how providers can uphold the ten Rights. It is appropriate for everyone who works in an aged care or disability setting.

This course was filmed in New Zealand in a variety of scenarios to demonstrate the practical application of the Code.

This is a fundamental course on Altura’s Learning Pathway so it is perfect for staff who are completing orientation to an organisation or as an annual refresher. It is complemented by a suite of learning
resources so that your staff can demonstrate understanding and the application of the Code.

Target Audience: All staff
Course name: Code of Rights
Course Code: AOC17024NZ
Country: NZ
Res\HC\LD: Residential, home care and disabilities

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