21st September is World Alzheimer’s day. To help raise awareness an extend your knowledge and skills in supporting people living with dementia, Altura Learning has put together some articles, a deep dive into some of our courses, access to two of our valued courses on dementia for FREE and the opportunity for you to ask the experts your burning questions on the topic. We’ll be promoting the topic of dementia and alzheimer’s throughout the month of September so keep an eye on our Social Media for more updates!


We gave you the opportunity to #askALTURA your questions on dementia. We had some great responses!

Deep Dive into our Dementia Courses

Explore our range of dementia courses in more detail than ever before. Go beyond the learning objects to discover which course is right for your and your team:

Dementia: How to Respond to Behaviours

Dementia: Supporting Sleep

Free courses: Available This month only!

For this month only, we are sharing two exclusive courses for free. To view these expert-led courses on dementia click through on the links below:

Dementia: An Introduction

BPSD: Responding to Behavioural Symptoms of Dementia


Resources from our Community

elderly gentleman with dementia

No matter where you are there are activities you can get involved in to raise awareness of dementia and alzheimer’s. Here are the activities for Australia, UK and New Zealand:

Support Dementia Action Week in Australia with Dementia Australia.

Get involved in World Alzheimer’s Month with the Alzheimer’s Soceity.

Get moving for Alzheimer’s New Zealand and World Alzheimer’s Month.

Discover Dementia

Included in our month long awareness campaign for dementia and alzheimer’s, Altura Learning have also put together some additional resources for you.

Curious about the difference between dementia and alzheimer’s disease? Read our blog on the subject here.

Want to know more about supporting those living with dementia during covid-19? Why not read our article specifically covering this topic for residential care homes.

What’s the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease